A Lovley Letter from a Recent Horse Back Riding Adventure here on Clearview

May 30, 2013

My four daughters and I came to your lovely farm on Memorial Day this week. We called and talked to Jesse on the phone and he set us up to come ride.  We arrived there and I just wanted to share a few things with you.  The first thing was the friendliness of Jesse.  We so appreciated his attentiveness, his making sure we were happy/content, and his being very careful in picking out the right horses for us and making sure we were comfortable on our beautiful mounts.  He was fun to listen to and he talked to my girls and brought up neat facts about the farms and the various animals.  This was truly one of the first places where we have felt a PART of the farm, and not a bother.  I’ve ridden a lot in my life and have done a lot of trails rides in my home state of NC and I have usually always felt like the people that took us on the trails were bothered by us and didn’t like and/or care that we seemed interested in their horses.  Jesse was just such a gracious host and I tell you what….it was hard to leave.  That leads to my second point.  That truly was the most beautiful, loveliest, well-cared for farms I have EVER been to.  It was such a joy to ride around and amongst it and see the contented animals, all happy in their home; riding through the fields in the grass with the sun on our backs and the wind blowing ….we all felt like we were riding in the proverbial postcard picture; and the horses…they were majestic,fun, perfectly matched for my daughters and me (in other words, we fell in love with them!)
The whole experience was a complete joy and we just thank you, Jesse, and thank you, Clearview Farms, for making yourselves available for people like us to come and escape the busyness of everyday life, and refresh our spirits.  We are already planning to come again, this time bringing my husband too and we have told all our friends about y’all and they too desire to come as well and were thrilled to know of such a wonderful place.
Thank you again (and especially you Jesse!) and with much joy,
Kathryn, Jessica, Natalie, Lydia, and Valerie Hall

The Reisz Girls’ 7th Annual Weekend Reunion
weekend October 13 – 14th 2012
circus buggy 010 circus buggy 018

Ranging in age from 4 to 84!  We made sure our ladies  had a fun time all together


Road to the Horse – Team Canada and Jonathan Field with his famous horse Quincy 


…”We thoroughly appreciated all the assistance we received from Marie and her staff to make our stay comfortable for our Team Canada Horses. Its a great facility and we cant wait to come back and do a clinic sometime”


Miss Marie,

Thank you so much for hosting the AHCA Event this weekend! I came upon the invite of my friend Larry Simpson and am so glad I did. I ride both with SSHBEA- the Spotted Versatility group and I also shoot with the TNCMSA on my quarter horse ( I come a good number of Tues. nights there to practice). I brought friends, the Extreme Mustang Group (Kimber Goodman, Dan Lively, and Stan Smith) and they had nothing but praises. It was exciting for them to have another venue to participate in with the Mustangs who really need that type of exposure to new things. I hope you will consider doing other similar events in the future as we will all happily come back again. I also heard from Angela Graham that our fall SSHBEA Event will be held there- Very good News!

Just wanted to extend a note of sincere appreciation for all you do promoting the equine industry in our area- You are an invaluable resource!

Have a Blessed Day:)
Kimberly Brown

My wife and I had a lovely time at Clearview. It was an amazing time away from hectic life in Nashville. Our young daughter loved the carriage ride and we absolutely loved the trail riding. The horses were well behaved and as unexperienced riders it was a very enjoyable experience. The staff are helpful and friendly and helped to make our stay very, very pleasant. Thank you for a much needed short vacation.

~Sincerely John Maddox – Owner Ten Fast Feet

We had a great time at Carol Coppinger’s Super Camp, held at the Clearview facility April 22 through 28.joyjohn

Everyone we met with affiliation to Clearview was helpful and courteous to us throughout our stay with you.

It was great to be able to camp so close to our equine partners, to have the space to interact with so many other Parelli Program students and Parelli Professionals under one roof, and the close proximity of barns, arenas, trails and open areas facilitated ease of transition from one learning situation to another.

Thanks to the Clearview facility for it’s role in optimizing our latest Parelli learning opportunity.

Joy & John Bolt
Kingston, Tennessee

I truly enjoyed my experience boarding my mare at Clearview. The facilities are outstanding and the level of care is excellent. My family has boarded their horses for years and I can honestly and enthusiastically say that Clearview is one of the best boarding barns I’ve experienced.

Sarah Gee

Just wanted to tell you, we really enjoyed our stay at your place this weekend. It is a very nice facility! It was also the best run show we’ve seen, yet! We are new to this organization and I hope this will set the precedence for others.

We hope to be back in October!

Thank you!

laurelMarie, First thank you for the saddle! That was worth the trip, and so very kind of you!

Also, here is a picture of rescue horse, Charlie, the paint, from the 84 rescued in 2009. He is coming 6yo, broke for exactly one year! This was his first show. He finished last , but i was very proud of him. He got the wrong lead on the cantor or we may have been in the ribbons! You will see him again in October! Until then, we are practicing turning on the haunches!

Laurel Perrigo MS, ANP

Hi Marie!

brandi1I was just writing to tell you that the rest of our trip in Tennessee was amazing… but not as great as the time we had at your farm! It is amazing, and we had such a great ride… brandi2even for the girls who were a little unsure 🙂 Your guide was so great (I believe his name was Tyler? The cute young man! lol)

Either way, the horses were great, your property is amazing, and we will definitely be back at some point… as soon as I can make my way back to the state, I love it there! Thank you again for your time, and for the ride! Take care, and God bless.

Brandilyn Logan

Hey Marie,


Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the Steve Edwards clinic last weekend. You have such a nice facility and everyone was so helpful. I hope Steve will come back next year. I think everyone really appreciated his honesty and personal attention. Even my husband who was watching said he really enjoyed the whole clinic.


I hope Bill is doing okay. I think he is going to be a nice mule.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


gail_philipsSonic half price burgers are on our menu for tonight so I finally have a minute to set down and thank everyone who helped to make our Tennessee Extravaganza at Clearview Farms a success. The show committee worked so hard before the show gathering prizes and making sure that everything was covered. The officers and the Board provided support to us each time we asked for something. Ms. Marie and her staff at Clearview are a class act! They went out of their way to be sure that we were taken care of. I never had to go looking for anyone to help our exhibitors – they were right there or only a short phone call away. The grounds and barns are great and I felt perfectly comfortable with my teenage granddaughter going back and forth from the arena to the trailer whenever she wanted to.

Best of all, due to all of the hard work and the extremely reasonable rates at Clearview and all of you exhibitors who came out to show, our club actually cleared a bit of money! All of us are thrilled.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gail Phillips
“The Haven” Appaloosas
Hartsville, TN 37074