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Don Charest – Horse Training & Lessons

Don Charest  has 25 years of experience in training for an all around horse. He has accumulated numerous National Championship titles over the years, with a variety of  breeds and disciplines and his emphasis is on youth and amateur riders working at  meeting their goals and their horses needs.

His success rate is second to none and his kindness and consistency endear him to  everyone he meets, especially the horses who are fortunate enough to have  him as their trainer!

Western Dressage Association World Championship 2015


Hollywood and Don won the hi point intro open buckle at the Western Dressage world show. Scoring 80.45



Don and Tucker got the Bronze award in the Finals of the Ranch Pleasure , the Champion of Champions  division,  at the Color Breed Congress in Tulsa Oklahoma. November 2015. Pattern 5!

Color Breed Congress in Tulsa Oklahoma. November 2015


Don has worked with many different breeds, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Paints, Friesians  and Gypsey Vanners to name but a few. Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Jumping, Equitation,  Saddleseat, Halter and Showmanship are just some of the disciplines that Don specializes in.  Call Don on his cell : 615 557 7829 for a chat, he will be more than happy to arrange an  appointment with you.



American Ranch Horse World Show July 2014 – Champion Ranch Halter 2014 with AQHA mare called “Playin Wicked”  AKA Peaches and owner Jana Anderson

Tribute to Don’s Training

 If you’re looking for results and success, I highly recommend anyone with a need to train their horse and who are interested in learning how to become a better horseman — on any level, Don Charest is your man.  He has had multiple world and national titles as a youth, amateur, and a professional and is not limited to one breed or one discipline.  He has been working with Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Paints, Reining horses, Walking horses, Western Dressage and Ranch horses…the list goes on. 

After showing national and world champion horses for over 30 years, for the first time, Don is teaching me how to be a rider in every sense of the word, not just a passenger.  He is caring and kind to me, as the student, and to my horses.  It’s so comforting to know that my horses will be tucked in at night, as if they were at home with me.  He’s actually been good for my entire family as a life coach by his positive attitude and his gentle and trusting demeanor.  Don teaches me how to get the same ride from my horse as he would and sticks with me every step of the way.  I am still a work in progress, but since Don has been working with me and my new horse, Hot Chocolate Bug for the past 9 months, he has patiently coached us both through a successful 2014 show season, qualifying for the Appaloosa Worlds and to the 2014 Color Breed Congress High Point Non Pro 19 & Over Championship. 

Don had given us a new and enthused life in the horse world.  My family looks forward to many more years of working with Don and our precious horses.  Thank you, Don! – Beth Rutledge

A few of Don’s favorite moments:

Tulsa, OK  – Western Dressage World Show 2013 – With friends, Lynn Palmm

Don places 1st under 3 judges in APHA Ranch Riding with Safari

Friends at Clearview’s Western Dressage Show 2014, Helping Marie and Reno in Showmanship

Don and Captain – Training on the trail course at Clearview

The Road to 2014 Color Breed Congress:

The 2014 Color Breed Congress was much more than a horse show to me.  To me, it was a piece of heaven on earth.  I have been showing horses for over thirty years, but as my career as a healthcare professional grew, my shows became limited.  In 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent several surgeries and seemed to have set up residence in several physicians’ offices.  To God’s glory, He has blessed me beyond words; I am a cancer survivor!  With that being said, my life as a daughter, a wife, a sister, a nurse, a friend, and a horsewoman has changed.  God has breathed new life in me and has given me another opportunity to be a better person, to help and encourage others, and to get back in the show ring with my new horse, Hot Chocolate Bug, AKA “Bugsey,” where I love to be. 

The road to this year’s Color Breed Congress was one shared not only with Bugsey, but also with many that I love and admire… my precious mother, husband, and trainer.  My mom, Billie, is my #1 fan and supporter and my best friend.  My husband, Bryan, is my soul mate and is willing to share me and my time with my love for the horses.  My trainer, Don Charest, is not only a talented horse trainer, but a life coach to me in so many ways.  So it takes a lot of work and passion to create the ride, the win, and the success, but it’s not all about winning.  Winning the ApHC High Point Amateur at this year’s Color Breed Congress was an honor that goes much deeper for me than the show ring or the thrill of the ride — it was a victory to celebrate the people I love, life, good health, and God’s most beautiful creature to me, the horse. 

Thank you to the Pinto Horse Association and the Appaloosa Horse Club for this wonderful event and for being a piece of heaven on earth for me.     

Hot Chocolate Bug 

ApHC classes: 1st Non Pro Western Showmanship 1st Non Pro Western Horsemanship 3rd Non Pro Western Pleasure High Point Non Pro 19 & Over 

ABRA classes: 2nd Amateur Horsemanship 3rd Amateur Western Pleasure 5th Western Showmanship

“BUGSY” another World Champion created by Don