Horse Riding

Horse Back Riding – Guided Rides


Welcome to our lovely farm. Meet some of our beautiful and gentle horses. We cater to all ages and experience of rider and we have over 150 acres to ride on around the farm.

Plus if you would like more than a pleasure trail ride, we can for example,  let you have a lesson on one of our Quarter Horse reiners, or you can learn how to drive a carriage horse!  Come and ride a Championship winner, a smooth Naturally gaited Tennessee Walking horse! If you have never been around a mule, we can show you how wonderful and clever they are.

Once your lesson and ride is over, you are more than welcome to sit and fish by the pond, if the herons don’t mind,  or just chill out on a lawn chair and watch the geese fly by.

We saddle up in the arena and you will receive approximately a 15 minutes instructional lesson, to make sure you are well enough suited to your horse, and know the basics “whoa and Go!” etc.  We then accompany you on a trail ride on the farm, where you get to see all our other animals and various other critters.

The rides/lessons last about 1 hour. (be prepared for it to take longer).

Cost $35 per hour, please dress appropriately, boots or tennis shoes and long jeans, no shorts or sandles. Helmets must be worn by children 12 and under. We provide anyone with a helmet if they want.

Please call ahead at (931) 684-8822

Private Lessons: $40

Contact office for Group Discounts.


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