Happy trails to Fancy and her new family!

September Newsletter

Happy first days of fall! The weather is finally cooling down, and we’ve got some highly anticipated shows and clinics to wrap up the year. Let’s start by introducing our upcoming clinician, Buck Brannaman, and why we’re so excited to have him come to Clearview!

Special Feature: So who is Buck Brannaman?

We can't wait for Buck's clinic!

We can’t wait for Buck’s clinic!

We’ve been promoting and advertising the Buck Brannaman clinic for months, and you’ve probably heard us refer to him as “The Horse Whisperer.” But you may still have some questions about just who he is, so let’s give you the run-down:

1) Buck focuses on natural horsemanship.

Buck Brannaman is considered one of the leading practitioners of natural horsemanship, which focuses on working with a horse’s nature and training horses based on how they think and communicate. He learned from Ray Hunt, one of the founders of the natural horsemanship movement, and now teaches clinics around the world, works as a motivational speaker, and promotes equestrian practices such as therapeutic riding. He aims to make horses feel safe and secure around humans so that horse and rider can truly work together.

2) He carries his childhood experiences into his horsemanship.

Due to a rough childhood, Buck and his brother spent a number of years in foster care, where he took solace in horses and learned to look at a situation from the horse’s point of view. He uses his experiences to relate to difficult or traumatized horses and help them overcome their pasts.

3) When he’s not teaching clinics or helping troubled horses, he may be doing some trick roping.

Buck actually began performing rope tricks in television commercials as young as six years old, and he also holds two spots in the Guinness Book of World Records! As a result, he also offers roping and cattle working clinics.

4) Buck really did inspire the writing of The Horse Whisperer.

Have you ever read Nicholas Evans’ novel, The Horse Whisperer? The author himself said that Buck was the primary inspiration for the character of Tom Booker, who rehabilitates a traumatized horse and his rider in the book. Buck also served as the primary equine consultant when the book was adapted for a movie.

5) He teaches clinics across the country.

Buck is an extremely well-traveled clinician and trainer, teaching clinics from the east to the west coast and promoting his style of natural horsemanship. He posts updates on his clinic schedule on Facebook and his website, so make sure to bookmark the links. His clinics fill up fast!

Now that you know a little more about Buck, you can no doubt understand why we’re so excited to have him come to Clearview to teach a clinic! Keep reading until the end for the exact dates and times if you’re already registered to attend or wish to audit!

Word in the Herd

We love seeing new friendships blossom between people and horses, and there’s just something particularly heart-warming when that moment occurs between a horse and a young girl. A lovely young lady named Sara met her new horse at our farm, a superb Appaloosa show mare named Fancy.

We know these two are definitely going to be best friends!

We know these two are definitely going to be best friends!

It was definitely love at first sight for Sara, and we know Fancy will have a wonderful life with her new family.

Happy trails to Fancy and her new family!

Happy trails to Fancy and her new family!

Arena Reports

Nothing this month! We’ve been keeping things close to home lately as the temperatures start to cool down and we start to prepare for our last shows and clinics of the year. Stay tuned for plenty of coverage on the Tennessee Stock Horse Show and Buck Brannaman Clinic next month!

Equines and Services for Sale

Corona Extra Chex Stud Service – $850

Charlie Hutton personally trained Corona, and it shows in his performance in the show ring and amazing personality! Credit: Kathy Ziegler Photography

Charlie Hutton personally trained Corona, and it shows in his performance in the show ring and amazing personality!
Credit: Kathy Ziegler Photography

Corona Extra Chex, son of Nu Chex to Cash, is standing at stud at Clearview, and you could not ask for a more personable stallion to sire your next foal. He’s extremely “honest,” in that you never have to worry about guessing his moods before a show or change classes at the last minute. And when he’s not cleaning house in the show ring or training, he has a gelding as a pasture buddy, enjoys his leisure time, and gets along great with other horses on trail rides. In fact, he’s so laid back that people who have never met him are often shocked to learn that he’s a stallion!

Diego, 5 year old gaited flashy TWH gelding – $2500 OBO

Diego is a flashy, sure-footed trail horse perfect for an advanced beginner!

Diego is a flashy, sure-footed trail horse perfect for an advanced beginner!

Diego is a 14.2 hand chestnut and white spotted TWH gelding, solid broke and fun trail horse for the advanced beginner rider! We have taken him trail riding numerous amounts of times. He will lead or follow and also rides out on his own just fine. His gait is as smooth as silk and will go all day long, anywhere you point he will go. He is sure-footed and will go through water, over logs, and over bridges. He is up to date on all shots, vaccinations, and Coggins and good for the farrier. The only reason for sale is we are reducing stock, so Diego is ready and eagerly looking for his next trail buddy! He does well at all the local fun shows due to his eye catching appearance and solid gait. Click this link for more photos and a video! http://www.equinenow.com/horse-ad-1059309  

Upcoming Shows and Events

We are definitely looking forward to next month’s events! All breeds and riders are welcome at our Tennessee Stock Horse Show and Clinic. As of now, the Buck Brannaman clinic is full, but people are welcome to watch from the bleachers or bring chairs. Space is limited to a first-come, first-serve basis. Finally, we’ll wrap up the year with one last BAAR Parelli Clinic. Hope to see you there!

Oct 8-9, 2016

Tennessee Stock Horse Show & Clinic
Focus on Trail & Pleasure
All Breeds and newbies welcome
Email:   Jessica.Schultz@mtsu.edu

Oct 13-16, 2016 


Buck Brannaman Clinic
Stall Reservation Form

Nov 16-20, 2016

The BAAR Parelli Clinic
John Baar, 5-Star Master Parelli Professional

Kathy Baar, 4-Star Senior Parelli Professional
Stalls are $30/night, shavings are extra
Contact:  parellipartnersofmiddletn@yahoo.com

Comment Questions: How excited are you for next month’s clinics? Let us know if you plan on attending, and be sure to share your photos!