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Agatha is a Western dressage champion and top-notch trail mount!

February Newsletter

We’ve had an unusually wet and cold winter, but the off season is quickly coming to an end! Starting in March, we begin hosting clinics and shows and also traveling to compete, so stay tuned for more Arena Reports! For now, let’s see how everyone has been spending their off-time.

Special Feature: Vacationing Across the Pond!

Sometimes winter is the best season to get out of town for a while, and Marie took advantage of the slower season to visit friends and family back in her home country of England. Based on her Facebook posts, the visit consisted of quality time spent with loved ones and lots of delicious food!

Marie had a great time visiting with friends and family. The ambience of the restaurant was an added bonus:

We're digging the mix of rustic and fancy in this place.

We’re digging the mix of rustic and fancy in this place.

Check out this pub! The Thatch in Nantwich is drop-dead gorgeous, and apparently the food is “a gastronomical delight.”

Not gonna lie, we're a little jealous.

Not gonna lie, we’re a little jealous.

Good food is a family affair, as Marie got to sample her son Ben’s quiche when she visited his college and met with some of his teachers.

Can we please sample some of those desserts?

Can we please sample some of those desserts?

It sounds like an amazing vacation, and we can’t wait to hear more about it! Too bad the food won’t make it into a carry-on or pass customs.

No, but seriously. We need this dessert sampler in our lives. Could a doggy bag fit into the carry-on?

No, but seriously. We need this dessert sampler in our lives.

Word in the Herd

While Marie was enjoying vacation, life went on as per usual at the farm. In between stretches of rain and snow, plenty of folks still came out to enjoy the trail course and riding on the farm’s ample acreage:

Not much beats this view on a sunny day!

Not much beats this view on a sunny day!

But don’t worry, Marie brought souvenirs back from England just in time for Easter. It may not be a platter of delicious pub food, but at least Easter Chocolates can pass through customs.

Apparently there's something magical about English Easter chocolates. Looks tasty!

Apparently there’s something magical about English Easter chocolates. Looks tasty!

Arena Reports

This is the last month of the off season, and we resume hosting clinics and events at Clearview in early March. Watch this space in next month’s newsletter when we finally have something to report! Our horses and mules have definitely appreciated the break, but we can’t wait for spring!

Equines and Services for Sale

Ever dreamed of owning a horse farm?

Well, maybe you can! At the end of November 2016, our main show barn will be available to lease, and the entire farm plus the house is for sale.

Everything is totally fine, but we’ve made the decision to begin downsizing operations over time. The bed and board will be open as usual, and we’re still hosting all of our regularly scheduled clinics and shows (see our website for all the dates).

Also, if you or anyone you know is currently looking for a new horse or mule to add to your family, we are accepting reasonable offers for many of our animals. Stock horse, ranch riding, gaited, you name it. If you don’t see a horse below that catches your eye, just give us a call! We’ve probably got a horse or mule that would perfectly meet your needs and experience level.

In the meantime, the farm is still running as usual, so come on by for a trail ride, book a clinic, and say hi! We would love to see you!

Corona Extra Chex Stud Service – $850

Need help decorating the farm? Why not ask Corona?

Need help decorating the farm? Why not ask Corona?

Corona Extra Chex, son of Nu Chex to Cash, is standing at stud at Clearview, and you could not ask for a more personable stallion to sire your next foal. He’s extremely “honest,” in that you never have to worry about guessing his moods before a show or change classes at the last minute. And when he’s not cleaning house in the show ring or training, he has a gelding as a pasture buddy, enjoys his leisure time, and gets along great with other horses on trail rides. In fact, he’s so laid back that people who have never met him are often shocked to learn that he’s a stallion!

Agatha (“Forever Ebony”), 13 year old Champion Quarter Molly, Nasma, Showing, Trail and Parade Mule – $8,000

Agatha is a Western dressage champion and top-notch trail mount!

Agatha is a Western dressage champion and top-notch trail mount!

Agatha (15.2h) is a stunning and talented all-around mule and a Western Dressage Champion. She is push button, she can side pass, lopes on the correct lead, you name it Agatha can do it. She is first to the gate and loads/bathes/clips/farrier easily. A true professional, she is subtle and light to ride. She has a beautiful lope and a comfortable trot trained with leg cues and voice commands. She neck reins and can even do a gentle reining pattern with slow and accurate spins!  She rides out alone fine, but she gets on well with others. For some reason she is low on the totem pole in the field with other horses, as she is last in line to eat. She loves to be out trail riding and has also shown in the stock mule shows and won in trail, pleasure classes, and reining with a simple flying change. As an added bonus, she also has plenty of experience riding English.

Check out Agatha in action:

Diego, 5 year old gaited flashy TWH gelding – $2500 OBO

Diego is a flashy, sure-footed trail horse perfect for an advanced beginner!

Diego is a flashy, sure-footed trail horse perfect for an advanced beginner!

Diego is a 14.2 hand chestnut and white spotted TWH gelding, solid broke and fun trail horse for the advanced beginner rider! We have taken him trail riding numerous amounts of times. He will lead or follow and also rides out on his own just fine. His gait is as smooth as silk and will go all day long, anywhere you point he will go. He is sure-footed and will go through water, over logs, and over bridges. He is up to date on all shots, vaccinations, and Coggins and good for the farrier. The only reason for sale is we are reducing stock, so Diego is ready and eagerly looking for his next trail buddy! He does well at all the local fun shows due to his eye catching appearance and solid gait. Click this link for more photos and a video!

Reno (“This Will Be The Day”), Ranch Riding AQHA Show Gelding – $8500

Reno is a proven ranch and stock horse, with numerous titles under his belt, and is for sale!

Reno is a proven ranch and stock horse, with numerous titles under his belt, and is for sale!

Proven show horse, Reno (“This Will Be The Day”) is a talented all around competitor. Originally trained and ridden by Ted and Tucker Robinson, Marie bought him from them as a 3 yr old at the snaffle bit Futurity in Reno in 2009. For the savvy non pro/amateur Reno can be a 70 scoring reiner and has excellent maneuvers in ranch horse pleasure. At the Novice World Championship show in Lexington, Virginia, this year, Reno placed 5th with a score of 216 out of 29 entries. He has his NRHA License, American Ranch Horse License, and American Stock Horse License. He has won the All Around Stock Horse High Point in 2011 and 2012 doing the cow classes, trail, reining, and pleasure. He was successfully shown at the American Ranch Horse World show in 2013, placing in the top 5, and reserve champion in the reining.

He is friendly, easy to catch and load, and a real professional. He is good on cows and cuts one fine, and has been down the fence numerous times. He is particularly good in the AQHA ranch riding as he is so responsive to subtle cues. He is already trained, solid, and broke, so he just needs to be kept fit to go to shows. For NRHA, he would be ideal for a rookie or novice and picks up on new things quickly. Overall, Reno is a true gentleman and would make someone an excellent show horse.

Pete Snow (“Alias Royal Snow”), 8 Year Old Registered Appaloosa Gelding – $7000

Pete is versatile, gentle, and as steady as they come for trails and ranch pleasure.

Pete is versatile, gentle, and as steady as they come for trails and ranch pleasure.

For anyone who’s a fan of our Appaloosa Hollywood, we’re pleased to announce that his brother, Alias Royal Snow, is for sale! Pete is a delight to ride and as honest as they come. A true gentleman, he is laidback, gentle, and extremely friendly. He would not be suitable for games, barrels, or poles as he is not fast by nature. But for anyone looking for a steady, mature mount, he is well-trained and will take excellent care of his rider on the trails and in trail competitions.

Check out the video link below to see how steady Pete is on Clearview’s trail course and in the show ring.

Tinker Belle – $2500 OBO

Tinker Belle wants to be someone's perfect pony!

Tinker Belle wants to be someone’s perfect pony!

Tinker Belle is an 8 year old POA-registered pony, 55 inches, ideal for a child or small adult. She’s got a gentle, patient temperament and is great for games, poles, barrel racing, and trail riding. She shows great potential in pole bending with natural lead changes. Tinker Belle has been ridden by a retired judge on the trails these past 4 years. Consequently she is happy and laid back. With just a bit of games training, she could make some kid a great pony for games or a wonderful trail horse for a small adult. She is steady, easy, broke, sound, and needs a good home. Check out the video below to see her natural talent for pole bending!

Upcoming Shows and Events

We have a jam-packed schedule at the farm this year! Come out for some fun equine soccer on March 5th, and make sure to check our Facebook page for the forms to sign up for our Judges’ Perspective clinics on Western Dressage and Ranch Riding!

March Madness Fun Show


March 5th

Contact: Marie Lloyd

Phone: 931-619-0773



Here is the show bill for this Saturday's show!

Here is the show bill for this Saturday’s show!

It’s time to dust off your show gear for a fun day of classes for all ages, breeds, disciplines, and experience levels. The show bill is packed Youth, Western, English, Lead Line, and other classes. It’s only $30/horse or $5/class, and we’ll wrap up the day with a horse soccer class!

From a Judge’s Perspective Series – Ranch Riding Clinic and Show

bob and karen johnson

April 2nd – 3rd

Contact: Marie Lloyd

Phone: 931-619-0772


Ranch Horse riding classes are the fastest growing class across the board in many horse breeds, and plenty of riders love the challenge of the intricate pattersn and free flowing movement of the horse. In this clinic, we will get to pick the brains of Bob Johnson, a top AQHA judge, and his wife Karen to learn the necessary horsemanship, subtle cues, and what the judges look for when scoring ranch riding. Then test your skills in a show in the indoor arena. It only costs $175 for the weekend, so book early! Rooms, stalls, and R/V hookups are first come, first serve!

From a Judge’s Perspective Series – Western Dressage of Tennessee


April 16th – 17th

Continuing with the judge’s perspective clinics, we’re bringing Katharina Nowotny Boles to Clearview to help us learn what the judges look for in Western Dressage, along with Western Dressage Champion and Ranch Horse Trainer, Don Charest. After the clinic, you can test your new skills in a Western Dressage test.

Tennessee Pony of the Americas Club Show


April 23rd – 24th

Contact: Sherri Holingbaugh

Phone: 615-644-3728

Do you own a POA-registered pony? If so, come out for a weekend of fun with a POA-sponsored show!

Michael Lyons Horsemanship Clinic


Date TBD

Book the clinic:

Book stalls, lodging, and RVs at Clearview

Spend the weekend upping your horsemanship with Michael Lyons. Clinics are $400 for two days or $200 for one day. Spots will fill up fast, so book early!

Parelli Super Camp


April 29th – May 4th

Contact: Carol Coppinger


Get ready for a jam-packed week with Carol Coppinger, a 6-Star Master Instructor and Licensed Parelli Professional.

Heart of Dixie Appaloosa Show


June 6th – 7th

Contact: Beth Maher, Show Secretary

Phone: 256-527-2617

The Heart of Dixie Appaloosa Horse Club knows how to host an excellent show, and this year’s show has plenty of classes to appeal to multiple ages and experience levels. Watch this space for more details!

Tennessee Stock Horse Show and Clinic


June 25th-26th


All breeds and experience levels are welcome at the Tennessee Stock Horse Show!

Rally for the Rescues Trainers’ Challenge


June 17th-19th

More information:

Several pre-qualified trainers will have had 90 days to re-train a rescue Horse. Watch them compete for high stakes, and then you can partake in the auction to give a new life to one of those lucky rescue horses featured in the challenge. Then spend time on Sunday with your new horse and the trainer that trained him/her to get your new lives together off to the best possible start! Bring your horse for the weekend and ride alongside some wonderful clinicians, or just audit for the day. Enjoy music, supper, events, and crafts.

Western Mounted Shooters


August 6th-7th

Contact: Darren

Phone: 931-632-0408

It’s always a treat when the Western Mounted Shooters come to Clearview to compete in mounted shooting contests. Come watch to learn more about the sport, or bring your horse to join in the fun!

Tennessee Stock Horse Show and Clinic


October 8th-9th


Time for round 2 of the Tennessee Stock Horse Show! All breeds and experience levels are welcome!

Buck Brannaman Horsemanship Clinic


October 13-16th, 2016

Ever heard of the Horse Whisperer? Well, Buck Brannaman, the bona fide Horse Whisperer, is coming to Clearview to give a horsemanship clinic! Unfortunately, the clinic is currently sold out, but if you want to come out to the farm and watch the action, go ahead and mark your calendars!

The BAAR Parelli Clinic


November 17th-20th


Enjoy another Parelli Clinic, taught by John Baar (5-Star Master Parelli Professional) and Kathy Baar (4-Star Senior Parelli Professional).

With the weather finally warming up, we have had lots of friends visit the farm and check in using Facebook! Make sure to “Like” us to stay up-to-date on the latest news, and we look forward to seeing you!

Comment Questions: Did you go on vacation this winter? If so, where? Share your stories in the comments below or on our Facebook page!