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Charlie showed brilliantly in the open reining!

June Newsletter

As we kick off our first newsletter of the summer, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the special bond that exists between horse and rider. I think many of us will agree when we think of horsemanship and equestrian sports as a partner relationship, and our horses quickly become members of our families. To that end, we’re dedicating this month to appreciating and celebrating that spirit of camaraderie that exists, both in and out of the show ring.

Special Feature – Learning From Your Horse

By Carly Altizer

Like plenty of little girls, I grew up reading books about horses – Misty of Chincoteague, Saddle Club, The Black Stallion, you name it. However, I didn’t discover my love of riding until just over a year ago. But in that short time, I’ve had more than one trainer refer to a concept that I found a bit odd at first, but now it makes perfect sense.

It’s this idea that, in addition to human trainers and lessons, the horse also plays a major role in teaching the rider.

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