Monthly Archives: June 2014

June – New Round Baler!

Our new round baler finally arrived. It replaced the old one that caught on fire in the field a couple of weeks ago. Scary but true. Off to a fresh start. Thanks PD and Yearwood equipment for the help.


June 17 – Working the cows….

June 17 – working the cows on the trail course…! Not quite what I had intended on. We were bringing the cows in for a practice. …and oh boy do we need it. We wanted them to turn right out of their respective pasture and they turned left and scattered around the trail course. Too funny! Kate was on Bozo..He was totally unfazed by it all.

June 5th – 11th

Kate and I stop over the night in Columbus Ohio and stayed at the Westin Hotel as they allowed dogs. They  let us park the truck and trailer outside the side doors.  We are On our way to pick up her horse. And bring it back to Tennessee. And spend some time with her lovely family in Erie Pennsylvania


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