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Friday 31 January

I had a lovely morning. The horses were up and ready to head to the show ground MTSU for the American ranch horse show. I got there in plenty of time..parked up the big bloomer..The boys, Jesse and Ronnie had me set up and the horses in their stalls.
I wanted to take advantage of having the arena to myself and I decided to let Safaris.  My paint gelding for a stroll.
So safari and I were just happy chilling. I put my left foot in the stirup,  then lo and behold,  I lost my balance and my knee gave way from under me and I fell backwards on to the foot was still in the stirrup,  safari just looked down at me as if to say…what  on earth are you doing…?
I still had hold of the reins. I was telling him to stand, and f or a while he did.But as I started to jig my foot about to try and shake it free…well.the party went to picking up!
So I ended up getting my foot loose and a back foot in the right side of my face..As he unentangled led himself
I heard the cracks in my jaw as it happend..I thought oh boy that’s not good.The nice man fixing the lights in the arena asked me if I was ok.I said NO.He called the ambulance. I called the boys who were still in Murfreesboro having lunch . so they packedc up the trailer and horses and took everything back home. I headed for the Hospital. They take me from St Rutherford to vanderbult and I have my operation Monday.  Amber baby sits me..I would have never found it..and has prepared me babyfood. Having my jaws wired for 6 weeks is going to be rotten.
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