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Week Jan 13 – &18/19 Ranch Show Bowling Green Ky

Tackie: ” well this is going to take all day…”
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I was highly motivated after the weekend of sorting and ranch cutting. Luckily enough, Tackie my wonderful mare was with me for the ride. She totally loves everyminute being on cows. I really feel this is where breeding wil
L show itself as I had never properly worked Tackie on cows, competitively,  I have just rode her around them in the field whenthe cows need moving or something.
So we got our little herd up in the arena, shortned the pen, and went to practising, in a snaffle bit, and I kept Dick Piepers words in my head, and watched the Les Vogt videos and studied and Ronnie was ground man..and by Thursday I was feeling more confident in Tackies abilities. She was improving daily and Jennifer and I would help eachr othout,  and Jana tried to keep Chicken out of the way…because Chiken sure knows how to get down on that cow and wants to…! However, Jana doesnt right now.!
So Don and I hauled out with 4 horses Friday morning and got to Bowling Green for the Ranch show weekend, we were there by lunchtime.
Bianca followed with Lorri in her truck as we had her horse Majestic with us, plus Chicken and Jennifers Cruise.
The clinic Saturday was great, I roped myself into a knott several times, Lorri was as bad! Lucas Ayres our coach has the patience of a saint.
Joe Harper held the cow cutting clinic and rode Chiken.Jana was so happy he won the open working cow. Jennifer placed in everything she entered, her and cruise are a great team.
The show was on Sunday and had  2 nights in my trailer with no lights or heat as my breaker busted, I slept with everything on ..and a wooly hat, but I love that trailer, or at least I should say, I have a love/hate relationship with it. The g&ts helped on saturday night.
I DQd the trail class, the boxing, and. I didnt place in the ranch riding, I placed 3rd in the reining but…yepee I won the Amateur working cow horse. It was the last class of the day and its my gig, so I was tickled and Tackie was awsome, she really gave me that other gear we needed on those circles. And we did it one handed. So I was on a bit of a high when it dawned on me that the slide out on the trailer was out, and we had no electricity to get it back in. I could be there another cold freeze your ass off night with 4 horses.
We did get some battery chargers to the baTteries on the trailer and got enough juice to them to get the slide out in and Don drove us safely home..
1st place amateur working cow ARHA
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The gang
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Saturday 11 Jan – cutting and sorting

Saturday 11 Jan – cutting and sorting. We all had a great day and night (wrapped up at midnight! ).Thanks to Jamie Tatum and his crew and to Danny Davis and family. Thanks also to Melody Hicks and her wonderful horse for teaming up with me in the sorting. I had no clue that we had made it back to the final. I had put my horse to bed…and I was heading to mine, When I was told.! I was tickled. So back to the barn….

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Survived the Icy Spell

We just about survived the icy spell. We sure had our share of burst pipes and Ronnie spent the whole week fixing things . I hauled buckets of water to the animals until we got the tractor and stuck the forks through the ice

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