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Dec 12, 2013 – Thursday Night


Well I have had a really busy and wonderful week! I do love this build up to Christmas.

Thursday 12 December. Katarina kindly invited me to join her group of friends to hear her sing Handels Messiah in Nashville. Katarina and I got to Nashville by about 4.45 and went to Dimos to reserve a table for our group of 12. At that hour they did have plenty of room. BUT they wouldn’t give us a table until all of our party had arrived. Kat and I caused a fuss,  but management refused us a table!  We had nibbles at the bar, which was just as well as by the American time all our group arrived….guess what…we couldn’t get a table. Kat had to rush off to rehearsal,  still hungry, singing the Messiah on an empty stomach could not have been easy!
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King George Friday 13

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So sometimes I don’t mind the animals ruling the roost, but King George my Rooster took it to a whole new level this week, when he invited himself and his ladies into the kitchen…Smokey my basset was not happy but was gentleman enough to give up his feed bowl for 2 minutes. ..