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Treasure Hunt at Catoosa Ridge Ranch Near Big South Fork

I had a wonderful weekend up at Catoosa Ridge Ranch near Big South Fork,Organised by Fran Bowers, the President of the Tennessee Stock Horse association, she organised a treasure hunt through the woods, a western costume dinner and photo shoot. It was the year end awards, and we all dressed up in Old Time clothes, and enjoyed a lovely dinner.
I had never been there before, but its easy to get to, and only about two hours from Shelbyville. I got there on Friday evening and met up with everyone in the lovely Catoosa Lodge gathering room. Fran did her best to explain the clues without giving it all away, and it was interesting that after the ride Saturday afternoon, when we all came back with our little $bags filled with bounty, how we had all collected different items, and no one had found everything. Mad swapping and trading went on right before the money count,! as any money we had earned we could spend at the auction!
The trails are wonderful up there, and well sign posted for the likes of me who can not makes sense of a Woods map! The Treasure hunt must have taken ages to put together and thanks Fran for all the time and effort, we all truly enjoyed and appreciated it.
 Nov 16

Oct 31, 2013 – Arriving in Tulsa at the Ford Livestock Arena

We arrived at the Ford livestock arena Thursday about 4, settled the mules in then checked into the hotel.

Went back to the barn after eating dinner,  exercised the mules for a short time and headed back to the hotel. We left the barn at ten pm. The hotel is only ten minutes away. But I had left my phone and tablet in the hotel on charge so we didn’t have a GPS…so we got seriously lost…and being tired..we were so mixed up, it took One Hour to get to the hotel. aaaargh…!

Oct 30, 2013 – Tulsa Trip – it begins

We set off in the morning and halfway down the drive the side mirrors turned in on themselves. .and it took 20 mins figuring out how to get them back out.??? Way too many nobs on this truck.  Then after an hour on the road the temperature was rising due to the incoming storm and we decided we had to take out half the  windows from the trailer to give the mules more air. That was a performance. As they each had their own partition in the trailer, I left them loose and didn’t tie them up. It was interesting to see that they positioned themselves with their heads  pointed to the opposite direction of travel. Doolittle stopped pawing and Agatha was much more comfortable too. We overnight-ed in a horse motel just by Little Rock that was half a mile from the interstate. A nice tidy barn a good amount of shavings and plenty of room to turn the truck and trailer.  Its called Rocking P Stables off exit 216. Call (50 one 626 3926)

Oct 27-31, 2013

So we have another mental week. With the barrels clinic being canceled,  it  was a shame yes, but on a good note, it meant i was able to get the full size dressage arena back in the indoor and practice towards our preparation for the Western Dressage World show in Tulsa for this weekend.
Don and I have been working towards this for the past 4 months with my mules and he has trained Agatha beautiful y to a lovely collected steady and rhythmic lope.Now that was harder than it seemed as she had been doing the timed events at the mule shows all summer and excelled in the keyhole races! And Doolittle just loves the relaxed mode of  riding the western dressage tests.  We have also polished our freestyle to music, and he really listens and feels it! We left for Tulsa on Wednesday morning as on Tuesday we entertained the Sony  press of 60 photographers, who came down to the farm en masse for 2 hours.They wanted to take action shots of the different breeds and requested for costumes to be worn. So we had our Halloween bash a day early in the outside arena with the staff and friends all dressed up. Jesse wore the native American Indian costume and loped Bozo till his balls hurt and his eyes watered! We have since been calling him Chief crushed nuts#@!? That’s him with Dick who came and demoed his walking horse.
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