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Oct 22, 2013 – Fwd: Clinton Anderson with Amy Oliver and the Worry Free TN Group

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It was hard keeping such a big secret, but yes, Clinton Anderson and Down Under Horsemanship came to Clearview to film a segment of his training DVD with the Worry Free Group of Tennessee organized by Amy Oliver.
It was a wonderful day, I do believe everything ran smoothly, apart from the occasional dog barking and the skid steer blowing a tire.
Lunch was provided for by Sonny’s Bar-B-Q and even though it was delicious as usual, the home made cream potato and onion soup yesterday was to die for.
Amy and the girls presented Clinton with some medicinal compound for sore throats (whisky) and a directors chair.
The morning session was conducted in the indoor arena, and the afternoon session was held outside and the weather couldn’t have been prettier. A bit fresh, but delightful.20131023_094806_resized

Amy Oliver and the Worry Free Down Under Horsemanship Tn Group
For more info or to join call : Amy 615 584 7756

Oct 19, 2013 – Open house Don and DMC show horses

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It was wonderful day for everyone. and Don demonstrated the different horses and explaining each of the levels they were at in their training , regardless of their respective age. HE  invited guests to ask questions. And spent 3 hours answering each one (joke).!
Lorri won a door prize at the end of the luncheon. She and Bianca were tickled. Our trail ride was in interesting, I thought I had enough horses up and saddled. .but I was missing one. Bozo was laying down in his stall so got overlooked
d when it was time to tack up. I think its a trick he is learning. “DID anyone bring bozo in….” Yes…”are you sure, he was on the list but I cant find him in the barn?”
“Did someone else turn him back outside? “? and so forth…..
Eventually the right person was matched to the right horse and off we went.

Oct 16, 2013 – Farm Cleanup

More cleanup and yet again Jesse spent all day sky high…fixing lights in the arena on the ‘lifty thingy’ that looked like a huge yellow spider. And many thanks to Lamar for helping me out with the complex “I just spent $30 on a big bulb and it still wont light up…”(#@!×:*). Well it does now!



Oct 12, 2013 – Pony Camp

Before the girls arrived, we had a trail ride for about ten folk altogether. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time and one lovely couple decided to make a day of it and joined the big group for the afternoon outing. We finished off the day around the fire pit with marshmallows and roasting (burning to a cinder) the weenies!
Oh and did I mention the girls then went back into the arena and did their drill team routine with their ponies…bareback!
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Oct 12, 2013 – Pony Camp

Terry Perkins arrived Saturday with her girls for pony camp.they shared the mule lodge and tn walking horse room. I still cant figure out how they all squished themselves in there! They brought their own horses and ponies and bob o boy, those girls could ride. Bareback, jumping galloping, drill team…what a great gang of girls and moms.


Oct 4 – Tour bus

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Its always exciting when one of the Nashville tour buses puts us on their schedule for a visit. We usually do a full exhibition and riding demonstration all our breeds (well the ones we can catch). Anyway , this morning the tour wanted to focus on the magnificent Tennessee walking horse. Ronnie did a wonderful job explaining their gaits..their shoes and their pedigree. Guido kindly turned up and brought and exhibited his big lick horse..I found my Larry Bright CD. We showed them Hombre and our gaited world champion mule Hawkeye. ..and as luck would have it, Jana Anderson..who boards her horses here appeared that morning and I persuaded her to show her champion gelding Fat Albert! Thanks Jana so much.

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